25 years

Celebrating. Looking forward. Giving back.

We look forward to sharing exciting news throughout 2022 as we mark our 25th anniversary with a year-long series of special events and exhibitions celebrating the artists who have shaped the gallery's program since 1997.

25th Anniversary. Art for Change.

Throughout the year we will be releasing multiples and editioned work, created by gallery artists to mark the occasion. Sale proceeds from these releases will be donated to groups like Planned Parenthood and Sister Song, that advocate for reproductive justice and freedom, ensuring access to the care and resources all people need to make informed decisions about their bodies, their lives and their futures.

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Samantha Fields: Scope, a limited edition print

For the 5th release from the gallery’s 25th Anniversary fundraising project, we are pleased to offer Scope, by Samantha Fields: a limited edition print featuring an image specially selected from the artist’s rarely seen photography archive. Depicting a glowing palm tree haloed by rings of sunlight, and reflected through the echoing lens of a scope, this work reveals the transformative properties of light as seen through ephemeral occurrences. As in her larger practice, Fields immerses the viewer in landscapes that embrace both fact and fiction, recreating the energy and emotions of fleeting moments. Continuing our support of reproductive freedoms and equitable access to health care, 50% of sale proceeds from the release of this print series will be donated to reproductive rights organizations like Sister Song and Planned Parenthood. Released June 2022.

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Samantha Fields: Scope

Diana Guerrero-Maciá: The Beautiful Girls, a series of limited edition prints

For the 4th release from the gallery’s 25th Anniversary fundraising project, we are pleased to offer The Beautiful Girls, by Diana Guerrero-Maciá, a series of prints that features enigmatic “portraits” in which the shifting absence or presence of an actual face or bodily form offers a nod to the changing state of current body politics. While Guerrero-Maciá is well known for her deliberate choices in materials and imagery that allow for a critical engagement with larger societal issues around race, gender, and identity, she also addresses barriers in the art world with a hybrid approach that embraces collage, painting and traditional textile practices. 50% of sale proceeds from the release of the prints will be donated. Released April 2022.

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Diana Guerrero-Macia

Dharma Strasser MacColl: Haru, a series of ceramic objects

Dharma Strasser MacColl has created 25 unique sculptures that will be released in tandem with her solo exhibition, Lucent. 2022 also marks 25 years since MacColl received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, and this series relates directly to her MFA thesis show that featured her first large installation of vessel forms and objects. As with her current ceramic works, these sculptures are hand formed of porcelain and infused with mason stains and fired. 50% of the sale proceeds from the Haru release will be donated. Released March 2022.

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Dharma Strasser MacColl: Haru

Ken Fandell: Rock, Paper, Scissors, a collection of NFTs

In conjunction with his solo exhibition, Black and Blue, Ken Fandell will be releasing a collection of NFTs, his first forays into this new medium. Rock, Paper, Scissors are stop-motion animations of seemingly ordinary objects that show a continually shifting perspective on how things appear and how they really are. 100% of the sale proceeds will be donated. Released February, 2022.

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Rock Paper Scissors NFTs

Amy Kaufman: Constellation tiles, a series of unique drawings

We are excited to kick off our anniversary celebrations and launch our fundraising project with Amy Kaufman, an artist who has been with the gallery from its founding. With a nod to our 25 years, she has created a special series of 25 unique ink and conté drawings. Each work features a two panel background of varying shades of blue, which is overlaid with webs of meandering lines to suggest abstracted space and movement, a hallmark of her practice. 50% of the sale proceeds will be donated. Released January 2022.

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Constellation Tile 3, Amy Kaufman

Amy Kaufman, Constellation tile 3, 2021, 8.5 x 15"
Ink and conté on paper.

Traywick 1997

The gallery's original space on 10th Street in Berkeley
1997 - 2004

Traywick 2022

The gallery's current space on Colusa Avenue in Berkeley
2005 - present