Ken Fandell: Rock, Paper, Scissors NFTs

Concurrent with his exhibition Black and Blue, Ken Fandell has minted three unique NFTs to be offered for sale on the platform OpenSea. Rock, Paper, Scissors are from a series of stop-motion animations of dangling rocks, twisting black paper shapes, and fanning scissors – seemingly ordinary objects that show a continually shifting perspective of how things appear, and how they really are. While these animations are Fandell’s first foray into this new way of sharing and collecting art, conceptually they are a natural extension of his larger practice that routinely incorporates digital techniques and images. In his works on paper and in his animated NFTs, Fandell blurs the lines between sculpture, painting and photography, as well as between the digital and the analog. Continuing our support of reproductive freedom and access to healthcare through the 25th Anniversary fundraising project, 100% of the sale proceeds from this release will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

View the Collection on OpenSea