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Charles Goldman

1996 MFA, Studio Arts, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
1990 B.A., American Studies and Studio Arts, University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California
2002 Traywick Gallery, Between Days, Berkeley, California
Rare, Nearer, Further, Closer, New York, NY
Toronto Sculpture Garden, Intersecting Orbits, , Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Studio 5B, Dingercity, Brooklyn, NY
2000 SculptureCenter, Elsewhere, New York, NY
Hallwalls Inc., 33 Revolutions Per Minute, Buffalo, NY
1998 De Chiara/ Stewart, Scrapwood (New York City), New York, NY
The Chicago Project Room, Scrapwood (Chicago), Chicago, IL
1997 Correct C.E., 2 x 4 x 8 x , curated by Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson, New York, NY
1996 Southern Exposure, 3045, San Francisco, CA
1994 New Performance Gallery, Nose Flowers (for Mother), San Francisco, CA
Refusalon, Drawings, curated by Charles Linder, San Francisco, CA
1990 J.B. Hall Gallery, Painting and Other Work, Santa Cruz, CA
2001 No Name Exhibitions @ The Soap Factory, 48 Hours with Harrell Fletcher, Minneapolis, MN
A.R.T. Inc., Paintings and Walls with Arnold Goldman, New York, NY
1999 Rare, Far From The Soil with Gay Outlaw, New York, NY
1997 A.R.T. Inc., Conversation with Stephanie Snider, New York, NY
1996 Gallery 400, Here But Not Here with Helen Mirra, Chicago, IL
1995 Horodner-Romley Gallery, Jim Charter and Charles Goldman, New York, NY
2002 Free Gallery, Majority Rules, curated by Tara McDowell and Letha Wilson, Glasgow, Scotland
Exit Art, Reactions, New York, NY
2001 Gallery 400, R.P.M., curated by Lorelei Stewart, Chicago, IL
Centro Cultural Molino de Perez, I, Me, My, curated by Alejandro Cesarco, Montevideo, Uruguay
The Brewster Project, curated by Mauricio Laffitte-Soler, Brewster, NY
Socrates Sculpture Park, Beyond City Limits, curated by Alyson Baker, Queens, NY
69a, These Things I Know For Sure, curated by Harrell Fletcher, San Francisco, CA
2000 The Living Room, Almost, curated by Regine Basha, , Los Angeles, CA
Smack Mellon Studios, White Hot, curated by Regine Basha and Moukhtar Kocache, Brooklyn, NY
Longwood Arts Gallery, Some Assembly Inspired, curated by Rob Blackson, Bronx, NY
I space, thinline, Chicago, IL
1999 The Jewish Museum, Making Change ,curated by Deborah Gar Reichman, San Francisco, CA
Ramapo College of New Jersey, New Berrie Center for Visual and Performing Arts, If You Build It, They Will Come, curated by Jason Middlebrook, Mahwah, NJ
Southern Exposure, Survivalist, curated by Harrell Fletcher and Mary Tsionges, San Francisco, CA
Transamerica Pyramid Lobby, Structural Elements, San Francisco, CA
The Bellevue Art Museum, The Self, Absorbed, curated by Brian Wallace, Bellevue, WA
Empire-Fulton State Park, Intervistas/ Between the Bridges, curated by Lorainne Walsh, Brooklyn, NY
Ottawa Art Gallery, In All the Wrong Places, curated by Sylvie Fortin, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Point State Park, The Carnegie Institute/ Three Rivers Arts Festival, curated by Sara Kellner, Pittsburgh, PA
Rudolph-Poissant Gallery, Horizontal Vertigo, curated by Joan Linder, Houston, TX
Three Day Weekend, Friends and Neighbors, curated by John Tevis, Los Angeles, CA
1998 57 Hope, No Budget, curated by Chris Murray and Kris Berube, Brooklyn, NY, traveling
May 17, 1998, curated by Regine Basha, Christoph Gerozissis and Anton Vidolke, Cold Spring, NY
Center Gallery, Bucknell University, Relay: Hand, Eye, Other, curated by Stuart Horodner and Sara Kellner, Lewisburg, PA, traveling
Longwood Arts Gallery, Demolition/Construction, curated by Eddie Torres, Bronx, NY
Space 2-D, Fold It Into a Box…, New York, NY
1997 White Columns, Killing Time, curated by Paul Ha, New York, NY
Clemintine Gallery, Fragments of Time, curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud, New York, NY
Paco das Artes, Existing Things, curated by Anton Vidolke, Sao Paolo, Brazil
498 Court Street, Hold It Now… Hit It,curated by Derek Eller, Brooklyn , NY
1996 Gallery 312, Untitled, curated by Rhona Hoffman and Irene Siegal, Chicago, IL
Randolph Street Gallery, Profiles, Chicago, IL
1995 N.A.M.E., Undertow, curated by Alison Ruttan, Chicago, IL
New Works Gallery, Blender, Chicago, IL
Sesnon Gallery, Current Work, curated by Andrea Hesse, Santa Cruz, CA
1994 Hello Artichoke, New Directions in the 90's, curated by Maurice Tuchman, Los Angeles, CA
Intersection for the Arts , Object, curated by Armando Rascon, San Francisco, CA
1993 Victoria Room, To Excess, curated by Anastasia Shartin , San Francisco, CA
Curatorial Projects:
Making the Making, Apex Art C.P., New York, NY, 2001
Public Collections:
Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA
Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY
Film Library, The University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA